Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two year olds

What a week this has been.
You know how I am such a planner. I told hubs that when I retired, I would make up the difference in pay until the house is payed for.... Well, I can't function with sub jobs coming and going. I need to know that there is a certain amount of funds coming in each month, you know what I mean ...

Anyway, So I came across an opportunity to teach 2 year olds at a W/F pre school in Tulsa /Methodist Church. I took the job and start next week. What a difference in 2nd grade and 2 year olds. But I think I will really enjoy it.

It only 2 days per week and I can still work with BFF-Pam on T/Th at the catering business. Oh, I could do Monday with her too. Whatever!!!

I also got my first CASA case and go to court tomorrow to get the "paper stuff" saying I am working on the case.

I went by the school today and don't miss the hustle and bustle of getting ready for "back to school night" and tomorrow's first day!!! It was fun when I was there, but I am glad I'm not having to deal with parents and lesson plans.

Off to clean the pool, we had a lot of leaves blowing during a storm, yukko

Tootle loo

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