Tuesday, August 14, 2012


tomorrow I get to start caring for my sweet lil sugar lump! Yep, her mommy is going back to work and miss sugar lump is going to stay with nene!

the house will not be clean, the floors wont be mopped, the laundry wont be done and cooking will not begin until after 5:00, cause I'm going to enjoy every little second of this amazing baby girl.

I feel so privileged to be close enough to care for her! She is such a blessing. and YES! I will make her behave, but she will be spoiled with love.  Its hard to leave your little one when you go back to work, I remember doing that with the boys, but hopefully they will know just how much this means to me to keep her safe and loved each and every day!


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Jenny said...

oh my ... can i come over and play with her to !!!