Monday, July 2, 2012

Oh my heavens... guess who is one month old. Well she was last week... I cant believe that she has been her for a month. She is changing and growing every day. I just love those chubby cheeks!  You know how stinkin cute chubby cheeks, arms and legs are on babies, then darn they are not cute on adults.....
 I had to make a run to Target this morning... Ryan got a free drink  in the mail from my favorite place Starbucks... so I used it! Gotta love a passion fruit lemonade.
 The lake house is clean, the grounds are clean, the AC is fixed and we are ready for the 4th of July... Yummy food and great family times... Hubs got a tent for Abby so she wont get hot... its only 16X20.... ha ha we always go big or go home...Ryan has a new boat so we hope to do some fun in the sun!
 I need to go here, really I do. I just need to find an investor~ I could bring back photo's and try places to eat and of course try some spa's.  Hubs doesnt like the beach in the heat of the summer. but I love it.... Let me know if you want to sponsor me.
 Have you read this book. I saw it at Target today. I have heard its really full of sexual exploits... I just dont think I will be reading it.  A few of my friends have kidded me for ever because I have never seen a pron movie. NO, I HAVE NOT!  I really just dont want those images in my head, so I just dont think I want to read about it either. Is that what this is about... You know I love a good 'summer smut' book, but I dont want ragged porn.... let me know if you have read it....

Tootle loo

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