Thursday, January 12, 2012

this and that

 I have been looking around at little onesies for miss diva... yep, thats her blog name. so anyway miss diva can not have a normal little outfit, I have found all of these and will be working on them....
 Isn't this one cute... looks like a little necklace... think I will use those little flower things...  gotta be careful of her getting things in  her mouth...
 This I will just use scraps I have in my stash box
 This is adorable, but I might make them hearts instead of balls/circles.
 and this one... a diva cant have too much tule!
Im going to make one like this that says her name instead of Love... maybe even put Hello, miss diva....

I got a call last week to go back to work at New Haven Day School. You know its my favorite place to spend my day. I work on M/W/F and love it. This year I have the little one... probably 18 mos to 2 yrs.... they are so funny!   I am getting all my hugs and snuggles every week. So glad to be back.

WE had our first snow last night. just a smidgen on the grass and trees, but snow!  Stay warm and enjoy the week.
Tootle loo

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