Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quadruple Bypass

Good grief what a crazy week.
Hubs told me Friday am that he was having chest pains the past few weeks.... long story short we went to the doctor on Friday, cardiologist on Monday and scheduled an angiogram on Wednesday morning. I was thinking that we would have a couple of stints at the most, then home on Thursday afternoon.

Well, guess I was wrong. The doctor that did the angiogram came out yesterday and told me hubs needed open heart surgery---a couple bypasses! Ok we stayed in the hospital last night and the surgery was the morning.  Oops he had quadruple bypass this morning!!!!!! Bless his little heart! He is in ICU for 24 hours, and doing quite well.  I am home for the night  to get some quality sleep and then back in the am. He should be in a private room in the afternoon.  He will have a 5-7 day stay at St John... not the island!

Thanks to quick thinking and moving he didn't have any damage to his heart and will recover after a  couple of months.  WOW, how life can change in a flash.

God is good and has blessed us with a fabulous group of family and friends that have prayed consistently the past few days. God heard the prayers and hubs will be fine.  He was working with 60% of his heart. I guess when we look back we can see the decline in energy, etc.

Be sure to listen to your body and MEN- go to the doc when you feel bad.!!!

that's all for today... more later

Tootle loo

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